Real Property

Erickson Webb Scolton & Hajdu, Chautauqua County Real Property Lawyers

Real Property law includes far more than a simple contract where one party agrees to buy the property from another party for a certain amount of money. It involves commercial and residential transactions, including sales, leasing and financing. Financing involves more than just getting a loan from a bank, but may include sales and leasebacks, debt restructuring or taking advantage of government incentives. There may be tax implications for certain types of transactions. Environmental law may even come in to play.

At Erickson Webb Scolton & Hajdu, we address all your real property needs. We are a group of four knowledgeable attorneys who have more than 70 years combined legal experience. We represent clients in both residential and commercial transactions. Some of the issues we can assist with include:

  • Sale and purchase of residential and commercial real property.
  • Drafting lease agreements.
  • Reviewing lease agreements drafted by others.
  • Title disputes and relevant litigation.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Reviewing construction agreements and contracts with contractors and subcontractors.
  • Land use planning and zoning issues.

Our clients include owners, investors, developers, lenders and tenants. We work with insurance companies and private equity funds. We work closely with you to assess the facts of your particular situation. If you have a real property issue or problem, we will work to find the best way to pursue a remedy.