Civil Litigation

Jamestown and Lakewood Civil Litigation Attorneys Serve All of Chautauqua County

Our exceptional team of attorneys at Erickson Webb Scolton & Hajdu provide personalized representation for you no matter what your civil litigation needs are. With more than 70 years of combined experience, we have become skilled litigators and use up-to-the-minute technology in finding remedies for you problems.

We will work with you and decide together whether to seek an out-of-court settlement on your legal issue or vigorously take the case to trial and put the opposing side’s evidence to the test in front of a judge and jury. We are selective in the cases we take and only take those to for which we can give the necessary time and attention.

We believe communication with our clients is key and will keep you intimately involved with all decision making and up to date status information. Some of the categories of cases we have worked on include, but are not limited to:

  • Contract disputes.
  • Personal injury law suits.
  • Sexual harassment litigation.
  • Libel and slander litigation.
  • Employment discrimination.
  • Business and commercial litigation.
  • Partnership disputes.
  • Land use and zoning issues.

When disputes of any type cannot be settled informally, call us for a consultation. We will review the facts of your case and provide you an honest assessment of your case. We will work with you to explore all possible options and decide together on the best way to proceed.