Construction Accidents

New York and Pennsylvania County Construction Accident Attorneys

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, 849 workers were killed in construction accidents. Thousands more construction workers were seriously injured, some of them permanently. Workers injured in construction accidents often suffer severe injuries like head trauma and brain injury. Bones are fractured and limbs may need to be amputated. Spinal injuries may lead to permanent paralysis.

Although Workers’ Compensation provides certain benefits for workers who are injured on the job due to their employer’s negligence, many construction accidents are due to third party negligence. This may be the case in situations where:

  • A worker falls off a ladder, roof or scaffolding.
  • Objects fall and hit the workers.
  • Equipment malfunctions or has defects.
  • Safety equipment is not provided.

It may be that a property owner, contractor, job site manager or equipment manufacturer and supplier are responsible for your injuries giving rise to a third party claim for damages.

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