Buying Property

Buying Property in the Southern Tier Region and Chautauqua Lake Area

iStock_000025380351_MediumIndividuals from around the country buy property across the Southern Tier Region including the Chautauqua Lake area. At Erickson Webb Scolton & Hajdu, we have the experience and understanding of the local market to provide you the assistance you need whether you are buying property in the area for your year-round residence, for a vacation home or investment property.

It is not as simple as finding a location you like, having your offer accepted and then moving in to your new home. You want to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, without legal assistance, you may find you have purchased a lake front property but do not have lake rights that allow you to build a dock or install a boat slip. Even if your deed comes with rights, there may be a fee involved.

There are other right-of-ways that are unique to the area that may affect your use of your property and access others may have to it. For example, your property may come with a provision that grants rights of access to others to use what you thought was a private boat dock.

Some of the primary issues our attorneys can assist you with in buying property in and around the Chautauqua Lake area include:

  • Negotiating the purchase contract.
  • Reviewing all contracts related to your real estate purchase.
  • Lake rights for accessing and building boat docks for lake front property.
  • Lake access rights for off-shore property.
  • Disputes over property boundaries.
  • Litigation concerning title.
  • Litigation concerning any contract issue.

Do not take a chance on future disappointment or unexpected litigation. Call us when purchasing property in our area.